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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Christine Tarantino made this box to cover the 3d compilation of contributions to the project "Turtle Visions".

I made 3 artist books in which I reproduced the scanned contributions.

Next to the images were poems on Turtles or diary fragments.

The 3d book was lying in my flat without a destination and I decided to put it into the network again, to get more reactions and interventions on "Turtles"...

This was the start of a corresponDANCE and friendship between Christine and myself. An Internet group on artist books refused the idea of a book traveling to the "unknown" inside the network. It was this clash of ideas and mentalities that brought us closer...

Cover of the original 3d compilation, made of marbled paper, a technique that comes from Turkey and that was demonstrated to me by Alain Valet (Belgium) and by some artists in Germany whom I met in Dusseldorf during a fair on printing techniques. They were demonstrating this on the streets and I loved the magic of it...

New added material in Turtle Visions 3

by Zois Elizabeth (USA)

who visited me with her partner Lynn

in 2004 and 2005 and whom I looking forward

to meet again in 2006 ...

New intervention by Christine, who understood Turtle's abilities to achieve peace and understanding, a slow process but belonging to an age before men existed, like all reptiles I cherish their wisdom and memory and longing and belonging ... (GV)

The original book was size: 15 X 21 cm and contained 104 pages