This is a blog on artist books, artist notebooks, magazines, poetry editions and other small print publications. Like FRIOUR is the Icelandic word for peace, BOKLIST are the Icelandic words for book (bok) and art (list). This is also a group blog in which those who are invited can upload their own books and/or comments.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Guy Bleus S:L:K

Olfactory Mail art project by Guy Bleus (R) TAC-42.292 (Wellen, Belgium)

Project with 778 participants from 43 countries

Exhibition at Z33 Hasselt, 2005

Bizarre Cities tom IV (Spring 2005)

"Provincial Metropolis(m)"
Co-editor: Ad Breedveld (Trans-Industrial Artist Group)

with contributions by
Dmitry Babenko, Russia; Tiziana Baracchi, Italy; Ad Breedveld, Holland; Sytske Feitsma, Holland; Stephan Grüter, Holland; Julie Harris, USA; Peter Kastner, Germany; Sjef Meijman, Holland; Linda Pelati, Italy; Rémy Pénard, France; Herr Penschuck, Germany; Pasi Pikkupeura, Finland; Bernd Reichert, Belgium; Elain Rounds, Canada; Manuel Sainz Serrano, Spain; José Roberto Sechi, Brazil; Stephanie ter Poorten, Holland; Marleen van Engelen, Holland; Jelle van Nimwegen, Holland; Jan van Wissen, Holland; François Vermeulen, Belgium; Reid Wood aka State of Being, USA

Bizarre Cities tom. III (Spring 2004)

"Urban Myth"
a collection of contemporary artists’ manifestations with contributions by: Martha Aitchison, London, England ::: Almandrade, Bahia, Brazil ::: Jean Delvaux, Luxembourg ::: Jennifer Esrailian, Las Vegas, Nevada ::: Karl-Friedrich Hacker, Itzehoe, Germany ::: Eberhard Janke, Berlin, Germany ::: Susanna Lakner, Stuttgart, Germany ::: Fatima Lasay, Quezon City, Philippines ::: Rita J. McNamara, Manton, Michigan ::: Oyvind Molbach, San Francisco, California ::: Antonio Orihuela, Huelva, Spain ::: Keiichi Nakamura, Tokyo, Japan ::: Bernd Reichert, Brussels, Belgium ::: Miriam Rinck, Harare, Zimbabwe & Buenos Aires, Argentina ::: Jörg Seifert, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany ::: Carol Stetser, Sedona, Arizona ::: Tamara Wyndham, New York City :::

Bizarre Cities tom. II (Summer 2002)

"Inner-Space Astronauts"
The terrible uncertainty of my inner existence (F. Kafka, diary entry 13.5.1913)

Contributions by

Rael, Frans van Eijnatten, Ella Joosten, Joseph Verilli, Bernd Reichert, Jesse Glass, Heather Muise, David Dellafiora, Abdourahamane Dzarra, Jörg Seifert, Gianni Simone, Susan Harrison, Mark Sonnenfeld, Alain Valet, Guido Vermeulen, Dorian Ribas Marinho, Pete Spence, Yris Geiger-Toussaint.

The first issue of Bizarre Cities (Summer 2000)

contributions by:
k. beaulieu, t. breuer, d. dellafiora, k.f. hacker, k. hansen, s. harrison, s. markus, k. nakamura, a. natale, b. reichert, j. seifert, m. sonnenfeld, d. stone, a. van sebroeck, l. fierens, g. vermeulen, g. wunderer. b. zillig

The assembling magazine Bizarre Cities is published in an edition of 25 and aims to combine texts, (visual) poetry with visual art.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Collaborative book art between Bernd Reichert and Guido Vermeulen, originally conceived as a contribution to Lois Klassen's Renegade Library.

Poems and collages by Guido, Woodcuts and book art by Bernd.
Size: 21,5 x 30 cm
Pages: 30

For other bookproductions by Bernd, check the blog:

From this book:

"Be patient", said the turtle.
"Love is and egg
waiting to become
a bird".


Personal delivery mail during a visit to Bernd Reichert in Brussels on November 18, 2005.

Body and Soul is one of these excellent compilation magazines, so often seen the light in Germany. This second issue on the theme "black, red and golden yellow" (the colors of the German flag, but also of the Belgian one) has been produced in 25 copies in October.

Size: 21 X 29,5 cm

Pages: 52 pages

Book art project on invitation only. So for future themes and participation, please contact:

Schoko Casana Rosso (Christian Mildbrandt), Harzer str 89, 12059 Berlin, GERMANY.

Bernd Reichert's "black pulls the images together" (because of the many possible interpretations of the verb "Ziehen" in German, this is only one possibility)

& Schoko's "Welcome to the land of spoken promises"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


October 12, 2005. Theresa Wolfwood and Gerd Weih are arriving in Brussels to participate at a "peace and human rights conference" organized by the Bertrand Russell Foundation inside the strange intimacy of the European Parliament.

Theresa and Gerd ask me to be present at a book launch, the result of a research on war and peace by the Quakers. This book was distributed for free to all the guests attending the reception in a room connected with the restaurant of the MP's.
Surrealism, hypocrisy or sheer schizofrenia? We thanked the reception to the leader of the British Labour Party in the EP, a convinced Blairite...
I managed to get in the Parliament despite I was not on the official guest list but I know how to handle large burocrazies, I work for one myself!

Size: 13 X 19,5 cm
Pages: 292

Website on this book project:

Website of Theresa (T:APmember and Friourzine contributor):