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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sunday, October 16, 2005
Brussels is enjoying since a week a real Indian Summertime, excellent weather for a mail art meeting between Linda Pelati (Milan Italy), Bernd and Claudia Reichert and myself.

Linda gave me this book as a present, which was a gift in fact of Thierry Renard, famous Belgian collage artist, who also lives in the capital of Belgium. Often I use the joke to Americans who never heard of Belgium: "that's the capital of Brussels" and then they say "oh yes!!!"

Okay, this surreal joke to announce you that this book by Paul De Vree is one of these historical publications you can only regret it is not republished. The title is "Poetry in Fusion; on visual, concrete and phonetic poetry" and was published by "Pages for Poetry" in Lier Belgium in 1968.
Lier was also the town where was published one of the excellent magazines that promoted concrete poetry in the sixties: LABRIS.

Size: 13,5 X 21 cm and Pages: 132

Mail art is (for me) more the art of communication than the communication of art. But I refuse the distinction between mail artists, artists and non artists. For me everybody is an artist. You have those who know this and those who (still) are unaware of it. That's all...

So I try to make bridges all the time between mail artists,
artists, and so-called non artists.
I think Linda is doing the same.
And this kind of 'bridge building" (though I don't see it in such terms) makes that an artist like Thierry gives a book to Linda to pass on to me.

The books has 2 parts, an essay of 45 pages followed by a bibliography (I really should try to translate this text some day, is somebody interested in publishing the essay in English?) and then the rest is a remarkable body of visual work from international artists. So I scanned a few pages to dazzle you of course and for my own personal fun.
When art is not fun anymore, stop and change of direction because like attracts like ...


Ian Hamilton Finlay (1965)

Eduardo Antonio Vigo (1968)

On Vigo:
Vortice Argentina: A tribute website to fellow friend and colleague
Edgardo A. Vigo (1928-1997).
Texts in Spanish - galleries with several kinds of artworks from Vigo:
artistamps, visual poetry, rubberstamps, engravings, objects, publications

(email by Geert De Decker, Belgium, thanks Geert!)

Sole Solo

Concrete Poem by Carlo Belloli from 1967

whom Linda met in person

Work from Paul De Vree (1965), I leave this open to your own interpretations!

For more info on De Vree: check first entry on this blog, use the search function which is quite handy.