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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Wipe is probably the light weight champion of magazines in the world!

It is made and produced on toilet tissue paper.

Again it is a compilation project, so you have to reproduce an art work on 40 tissues and David makes the collection and returns to all participants. Quite fun to do in fact.

Size of tissue does not matter because David makes a cover that can hold all formats.

This is issue 10 and unites 20 artists from 13 countries.

Left is work of Denis Mizzi (Australia), mirror view from the back of the page.

Right is a print of yours truly, I do polystyrene carvings and prints, a trick I learnt from Lavona Sherarts - thank you Little Owl!

Contact: David Dellafiora, Field Study, Po Box 1838, Geelong Victoria, 3220 AUSTRALIA.


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