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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Book edition and catalogue of the Wasted Angels project, produced by the Cultural Center LES CHIROUX in Li├Ęge, Belgium in 2001.

Size: 17 X 24 cm

Pages: 148

Starting point of the project was this phrase by Jean Cocteau: "The ideal being is an angel wasted by love".

Little background info on why a cultural center invested in producing and diffusing a book.

A few years earlier a first mail art project was organized in the center but the whole collection disappeared mysteriously (I'm convinced a mail artist stole everything). The center was quite embarrassed and promised a second show and a good catalogue to "repay" for the loss of the mail art. Surreal? Yes, but let there be no mistake: Belgium invented surrealism and still is a quite surreal country. Breton never reached the ankles of Magritte (my vision, GV)

Pages with works by Honoria (USA), Fosseprez (Belgium), Hacker (Germany), Julliard (France), Pollaci (Italy) and Altemus (USA).


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