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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Thoth Works is a new collection of poems and drawings by David Stone.

The book edition arrived September 9, 2005.

Size: 22 X 28 cm

Pages: 30

The edition opens with the poem "Passchendaele Equipment", a text David wrote for me in a reaction on my notebook publication "Passchendaele Blues".

It continues with poems as The City Bridge, Murder at the Charles, A Murder A Day and others.

David Stone lives and works in Baltimore and comments, oberves and highlights the darker sides of human nature. He is also the publisher of the Blackbird Anthologies. (GV)

A comment from Eric Basso on this book:

"The cycle is very powerful.

To see some of the familiar poems in this broader context enhances their effect. The structure is finely worked out.

I almost expected to see Mr. Abattoria wandering through that devastated urban landscape.

We are two poets matriculating in the School of Darkness."


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