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Saturday, September 03, 2005

A R T I S T A M P S / Timbres d'artistes

This is really an historical edition on artistamps production & mail art networking in that field!

Published in the early nineties by the Postal Museum in Paris it unites the art stamps of mail artists like Anna Banana, Fernand & Gérard Barbot, Vittore Baroni, Keith Bates, Eric Bensidon, Guy Bleus, Buzz Blurr, Monty Cantsin, Bruno Capatti, Bruno Chiarlone, Daniel Daligand, Ko De Jonge, Jazz Felter, Luc Fierens, Charles François aka RAT, Fricker, Galantai aka Artpool, Paul Hartal, John Held Jr, Ruud Janssen, Jo Klaffki (RIP), Peter Netmail, Jean Noël Laslo, Michael Leigh, Pascal Lenoir, Ruggero Maggi, Henning Mittendorf, Emilio Morandi, Clemente Padin, Pavel Petasz, Carlo Pittore (RIP), Gunther Ruch, Lon Spiegelman, Patricia Tavenner, Ed Varney, Antonio Vigo, Chuck Welch, Reid Wood aka State of Being, and others.

Hard to view a page without recognition. Yes, this is one of my correspondents or yes, this is one mail artist I met in person and was so happy about the meeting.

Okay, Nick Bantock (Griffin and Sabine Books) is in it too! So what? (GV)

Size: 21 X 29,5 cm

Pages: 250

(with my sincere thanks to the owner of POSADA art bookshop in Brussels, the best art bookshop of the country, who said to me; hey Guido, I've a book for you! You must be joking, I replied after I viewed it! This kind of jokes I welcome any time ...)


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