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Sunday, September 04, 2005


My heart goes thumb, thumb, thumb ...

De Vree was one of the modern pioneers of Vispo in Belgium but he's not recognized as such because he was "wrong" during the war.

Oh yeah, like Van Ostayen and so many other Flemish activists he was fed up with the French domination of the country he thought maybe the Germans would help the Flemish cause. This relates the Flemish to the Irish in a way who made the same kind of twisted alliances.

While I disagree with this "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" approach, I have the intellectual honesty to recognize that De Vree was a giant and I really was shocked to see he was not in the SPLENDID exhibition of "Visionary Belgium" in the Fine Arts Museum. Why select Joosten and not De Vree? This does not make sense at all!

De Vree had even difficulties in producing books in Belgium. This one for instance was produced in Italy in 1971 for the riducolous price of 3000 lire. I refuse to tell you what I paid for the book in London in an art bookshop near the Tate Modern!

Size: 21,5 X 24 cm

Pages: 130

The title is a clever word play on the Flemish/Dutch words POEZIE (poetry) and ZIEN (to view, to see , to look)

De Vree was absolutely not a right wing lunatic. I scanned the next Vispo from this book which is a clear comment of what he thought of the US bombings against Vietnam.


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