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Thursday, September 08, 2005


This is a difficult entry. It was Gianni Simone who introduced me to Monica, who quickly became a Friour zine contributor. We became friends on the spot after she mailed me the book "MUSI NERI" or "Gueules Noires". She wrote this document full of research and passion on the conditions of the Italian miners in Belgium. After the second world war many Italians emigrated to work in the Belgian mines in quite dangerous situations. This resulted in some dramatic mine disasters (hello PR of China today). The most tragic one happened in August 1956 in Marcinelle near Charleroi.

I was so thrilled that this "black" episode of working class history was finally documented without censorship and from an Italian point of view and from that of a (fe)mail artist as well. My own (Flemish) parents emigrated from the Flemish part of Belgium to the capital Brussels in the fifties also for job reasons and joined the Italian immigrant population. The French speaking people made no difference in how they treated Flemish or Italians. I was born in 1954 and all my friends in the street where my parents lived where Italian people. This episode in my life (between age 0 and 4) made it impossible for me to feel any sympathy or understanding for racism against immigrants, whatever their origins may be.

Where racism is concerned I really have a 0 tolerance level!

Monica and I even talked of working on a decent English or French translation of the book (I still have the disks at my home) till I got the upsetting news of Monica's husband that his partner and my compadre had died on August 28, 2004.

So Mon' this is for you! You joined the spirits of the miners that died in the mines because of the need for more energy after WW2. Nothing has changed. The same people are always sacrified on the holy altar of economical needs and growth. NEVER will I become a neocon liberal for this reason only.

Liberal neocon capitalism = MURDER "in the name of economic necessity".

I sign and remain a SOCIALIST for the rest of my life. Thanks Mon' and I miss your presence in my life and in Friour. (GV)

Size: 13,5 X 20 cm

Pages: 110

(Postcard to launch the book edition of MUSI NERI)


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