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Sunday, September 18, 2005


When I went last Friday to a debate on prostitution organized by the French Green Party in Brussels I reminded myself to make an entry on Laurent who was one of the speakers that evening.

I met d'Ursel a few years ago during an art rally and we became friends quickly. He's a writer and a complete artist. I might label him as contemporary DADA artist but I don't think he would like the label because he dislikes labels.

Together with his friend François De Coninck we did a communication art project. We appropriated a public wall and glued on that wall art posters that were the result of communication between the 3 of us. Like mail art but Laurent cannot become an active player because he cannot conceive communication with people he does not know.

Aiaiaiai Laurent! But in the meantime we have fun!

This book published by "La cinquième couche" is only one example of his artistic mind. He makes collages of book titles in fact, by using the spines of pocket books and screwing those together. He did several LIFE perfomances of the making of these art works in bookshops in Brussels and Paris.

Size: 14 X 18,5 cm

Pages: 80


Death does not forget anybody

He who survives

Dances with the devil


There is no paradise

But there is the sea

Me, I don't like the sea

We can't choose our own hell

Next projects of Laurent: a book on prostitution (different letters of a guy who never went to prostitutes, extremely funny, he read one of these texts Friday night); a photo shoot in front of a Brussels' prison because an artist friend who took some pictures recently was arrested and questioned by the Brussels' police; a demonstration in the Brussels' streets uniting a maximum of artists under the banner: "there are too many artists!" Oh boy, the red mayor is going to laugh green... By the way neither Laurent nor myself are members of the G.P. (GV)


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