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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Numbered and Signed edition I made in 100 copies with poems, paintings and Vispo signs. The original manuscript and art work were in an artist book I mailed as a gift to the American writer Eric Basso in 2000.

The edition was also an extra for those who contributed to the mail art project "Signs and Stones and Trees".

Size: 21 X 29,5 cm

Pages: 24

I remember I started working on this book because I was quite unhappy with a job situation and where I was living at that time because of the violence that was happening: Arab street gangs attacking prostitutes because they wanted the territory to sell drugs and Turks attacking houses and centers of Kurdish people.

So I did 3 things in a row:

Made this book

Moved to another location in Brussels

Changed Job

I've always been a great believer in turning the negative into something positive.

I refuse to be sucked into a negative downwards energy spiral. I refuse also the "victim syndrome" attitude. If you are a victim of some unhappy circumstances or events, try change for a chance!!!

We always date the mask of the mirror

made of wood and feathers that don't stop

the mental derangement of the sneaking days

Chopped down, bereft from all bitter

necessities to achieve we floated

the flora of our hands.

Peace had no plethora...

While she burnt her skirt

the forest pledged my shadow!

(c) Guido Vermeulen


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