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Sunday, September 11, 2005


The field reports united each year in a compilation publication by David Dellafiora are excellent, exemplary and a wonderful documentation of what's going on "in the field" today.

You only have to document one of your own field interventions and mail David 100 copies, size 21 X 14,5 cm (landscape size , leave 2 cm for binding purpose) and you get the complete collection in return the next year. I've learnt so much from these reports I'm in debt to D.D. for the rest of my life (hihi).

Robin Crozier was one of the mail art pioneers in the UK, many of his pieces are in the mail art room at the Tate Modern in London. Wanda was one of his projects, a project on a mythical ideal woman, called Wanda. Who's Wanda? What's Wanda? What's the meaning of Wanda?

Robin you are missed ....

This page of Field Study Report 2001 reminded me of the performance to decontaminate Clemente Padin at the Tate Modern. Thank you Peter Netmail!


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