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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Splendid catalogue of the retrospective exhibition in Mons, Belgium in 2004.

I remember it like yesterday.

Zois and Lynn, 2 U.S. mail artists, came for the first time to Belgium to attend the festival in St Niklaas and we spend time together to discover parts of the country.

The Dotremont exhibit was like a kiss from heaven. I discovered Mons for the first time and despite I knew CD quite well (from books) I was overwhelmed by the show. The ground floor was still okay. It were the Cobra works and I had seen these before. But the upper floor, oh my my my !!!

Huge rooms full of CD's logogrammes, an ocean full of Vispo, I was litteraly drowning in them.

Zoe and Lynn confessed: "we are out of our league here". Well, I needed a diving-bell myself quite badly! (GV)

Size: 23 X 28,5 cm

Pages: 204

P 171

"Hello Prehistory"

CD realized this in 1978 (he died one year later)

Black China ink writing on Japanese paper

Part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Ostend

CD did similar writings in snow and ice in the Lapland region in Scandinavia and called these LOGOGLACES. Only pictures exist of these works, it's ephemeral art, close to what we know today as landscape art.

Even the logogrammes were quite ephemeral. He often realized these "on the road", while traveling, locked them in lockers at rail way stations and just left them behind.

CD also donated many of his Vispo creations to the fire, once they were done. Some movies exist as a testimony. These were shown also during the exhibition in 2004.


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