This is a blog on artist books, artist notebooks, magazines, poetry editions and other small print publications. Like FRIOUR is the Icelandic word for peace, BOKLIST are the Icelandic words for book (bok) and art (list). This is also a group blog in which those who are invited can upload their own books and/or comments.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


In respect to this blog I would like to think of us as cultural workers rather than as teachers or mentors.
We are compiling, archiving, and exhibiting works.
It would be great if our efforts would lead to study. But the teaching should be done by the works themselves, not by us.
I would like to think the process could be leaderless and non-hierarchical.
I am most comfortable as a student among students, in an open classroom with the chairs in a circle.

Could not agree with you more.
My idea of learning comes from May 68.
So all "ex cathedra" teaching is bull and comes from a society based on the hierarchy of class and education.
I only want to add more information then just the images. I think addresses can be interesting for instance. On the other hand, keeping them up to date is a real pain sometimes.
I'm adding also mail art related book editions, even when they are not network produced. Some people think that publications on mail art are rare.
That's not exactly true, so it's fun showing people what exists or is available, even when those editions are hard to find.
We are an "obscure" club, which is not obscure at all.
Depends from which viewpoint you look but that's true for lots of situations.


May 68 seems like a fine place to begin.
I was reading some situationist writings a couple of days ago, thinking about the so-called looting in New Orleans.
I like the information you are including with your posts.
I may eventually do some of that myself, but for now I will probably only post the images.
I am learning from your postings of mail art related books.
I don't always hear about these publications.
I don't think of us a being particularly obscure. Anyone who wants to know about mail art and/or visual poetry need only enter those words into google.
It is very easy to find out about us for anyone who is interested. We need to find ways of exposing the network to those who have never heard of it.
I think we're working on exactly that, but the process is slower than some of us might like.

PS. if you want to post my last email at the blog, along with your response, please feel free to do so. It might be good to let people know of our approach to this.


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