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Saturday, September 17, 2005

40 YEARS OF MAIL ART: the New York CorresponDance School 1962-2002

Bill asked me to put books on the blog related to Ray Johnson if I had any.
This catalogue was the result of a tribute to Ray project by Anna Boschi in Italy. Like always the town of Castel San Pietro Terme signed for the realization of the documentation and the exhibition in 2002.

It was the 7th project Anna and the town did together, uniting 370 artists from 38 countries around R.J.

Introductions by Anna Boschi, Ruggero Sicurelli, Vittore Baroni and Henning Mittendorf.

Size: 17 X 24 cm

Pages: 68

Back cover with drawings by Jan Husar (Slovakia)
based on Ray's famous Bunny drawings.

Page with some correspondence art by R.J.


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