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Monday, September 26, 2005


Small artist book production conceived for a project on artist books by Pati Bristow in the USA.

While Martha is Shopping Trolley East, Pati is Shopping Trolley West and I got mail from both of them today, September 26, 2005.
I found the mail after my meeting with K.Frank Jensen from Denmark who visited Brussels.

Size: 8 X 11 cm
Pages: 8

Form: accordion folded book

Contact: Martha Aitchinson, Po Box 108, Beckenham, BR3 1GY, UK

See also entry on DRAGONS book on this blog

Saturday, September 24, 2005

ERIC BASSO Obscure Publications Chapbooks

Eric mailed me a collection of chapbooks published by Obscure in Wisconsin. The collection arrived on September 21, 2005 or what a way to start the Fall!

To introduce Mr Basso I can only say he's the perfect antidote for those Europeans who think of Americans as stupid or silly; brainwashed in this crazy perception as they are by their own media and governments.

EB is certainly one of the most stimulating creators I had the privilige to encounter during my travels on this planet. He's a real renaissance man: poet, writer of theatre plays, short fiction, novels, painter and writer of musical scores. Do I forget something? His knowledge is amazing and I can only thank David Stone for the introduction to EB in 1997.

REVAGATIONS is a selected collection of dreams written between 1966 and 1975: published by Obscure in 2003.
Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm and Pages: 62

All are signed and numbered editions of 60 with some cover illustrations by the author.

ACTINIC LIGHT is a collection of poems
written in 1987
published in 2002

Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 48

"the fossils of our ancestors

their eyes have fused with the stone
yet he begs us to believe
they are ripe for resurrection"

ANONYM are editions of chapters of a book EB wrote over a longer period of time.
Chapter one is of 1975.
Cover illustration by the author in 1977.
Obscure Publication in 2004.

Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 28

Chapter 2 written in 1975
Published by Obscure in 2004

Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 34

Chapter 3 written in 1975-1976
Published by Obscure in 2004

Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 40

Chapter 7 written in 1978
Published by Obscure in 2002

Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 70

Chapter 8 written in 1979-1980
Published by Obscure in 2005

Size: 14,5 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 72


It was David Stone who introduced me to Eric Basso's theatre plays and the first book that reached me was the GOLEM TRIPTYCH, a triology of 3 plays:

Middle Distance (1980)

Joseph in the Underground (1981)

The Fall of Prague (1983)

This book and all others that follow are published by Asylum Arts in Paradise, California.

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 404

The plays are accompanied by incidental music composed and arranged by the author

Year of this publication: 1994

BARTHOLOMEW FAIR: EB wrote this novel in 1982 and it was published in 1999 by Asylum.

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 156

This book is a "tour de force", set in London during a heat wave, it spans several historical periods and the language is adapted to the period.

It's a book I truly admire. EB wrote in a dedication "I should have set this novel in Bruges".

THE BEAK DOCTOR is a collection of short stories written between 1972 and 1976, published in 1999.

Here is some "light reading" EB wrote me jokingly.

Size: 14,5 X 21 cm

Pages: 204

All cover illustrations are by the author

THE SABATTIER EFFECT is a theatre play set in a French village and investigates the death of an old man to challenge all first appearances.

Size: 14,5 X 21 cm

Pages: 100

Play of 1985 published in 2000.

ENIGMAS is a collection of short plays written between 1979 and 1982, published in 1999.

Size: 14,5 X 21 cm and Pages: 284


First page of the ADAGIO composed by the author for the GOLEM TRIPTYCH and published also in the book.

Music page that accompanied the play THE SABATTIER EFFECT


The following books are all published by ASYLUM ARTS PRESS and are a chronological survey of Mr Basso's poetry thru' the years.

ACCIDENTAL MONSTERS, poems & texts from 1976

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm and Pages: 180

Published in 1998 and Cover illustration by the author

"along the middle

edge of twilight

almost green the

trees are masses

of ink"

Dedication page in which Eric refers to our first meeting. It was David Stone who introduced me to Eric and we spent an evening talking on art, culture, history and existential philosophy. The debates between the 3 of us on Sartre-De Beauvoir still continues till today. The discussion now also involves Dave Chirot and sometimes Harry Burrus.


Poems 1977-1979

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm and Pages: 236

Published in 1999 and Cover illustration by the author

"you knew once what it meant

to have knowledge of the whisperers"


Poems 1980-1986

Published in 1999 and Cover illustration by the author

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm and Pages: 140

"what all knew but none could see

that only small stones lived

to make these empty spaces real"

(fragment from the poem PEBBLES, post dedicated to me)


Poems 1987-1989

Published in 1999 and Cover illustration by the author

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm and Pages: 196

"the silence in your memory

that has snuffed out my voice

to close this distance

if I were to live again"


Poems 1990-1994

Published in 1999 and Cover illustration by the author

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm and Pages: 188

This book contains some of my favorite poems I've ever read. I remember that after reading the 2 opening poems I had to stop reading the book and made a painting I sent to Eric and then only continued the journey thru' the poems. (GV)

"you say it's the moon you

see above these trees but

it's only the smudged monocle

that the angel left behind

in this cavern of bones"

Some other paintings by Eric Basso


Numbered and Signed edition I made in 100 copies with poems, paintings and Vispo signs. The original manuscript and art work were in an artist book I mailed as a gift to the American writer Eric Basso in 2000.

The edition was also an extra for those who contributed to the mail art project "Signs and Stones and Trees".

Size: 21 X 29,5 cm

Pages: 24

I remember I started working on this book because I was quite unhappy with a job situation and where I was living at that time because of the violence that was happening: Arab street gangs attacking prostitutes because they wanted the territory to sell drugs and Turks attacking houses and centers of Kurdish people.

So I did 3 things in a row:

Made this book

Moved to another location in Brussels

Changed Job

I've always been a great believer in turning the negative into something positive.

I refuse to be sucked into a negative downwards energy spiral. I refuse also the "victim syndrome" attitude. If you are a victim of some unhappy circumstances or events, try change for a chance!!!

We always date the mask of the mirror

made of wood and feathers that don't stop

the mental derangement of the sneaking days

Chopped down, bereft from all bitter

necessities to achieve we floated

the flora of our hands.

Peace had no plethora...

While she burnt her skirt

the forest pledged my shadow!

(c) Guido Vermeulen


I met Reid Wood two years in a row, in 2004 and 2005 because he came twice to the festival in St Niklaas (cfr. Geert De Decker).

This artist book is linked with this visit.

Size: 10 X 15 cm

Pages: 24

Signed and numbered edition of 9

BAB(B)EL ON, Vispo edition

Signed and numbered edition of 26

Size: 11 X 14 cm

Pages: 12

P6 and 7

E-FLUX POEM, composed of subject lines from Spam, unsolicited email, compiled between February and April 2004.

Size: 14 X 21,5 cm

Pages: 20


clever artist book of which I suspect it must have been a contribution to the artist book call in the UK by Emma Powell "meet me in the middle"

Size: 14 X 19 cm

Pages: 12

All these artist book productions arrived September 23, 2005.


Reid Wood, aka State of Being, DIGITAL PRESS

271 Elm street, Oberlin OH, 44074 USA.


STENCIL is the latest publication of Red Fox Press, the publishing cy of Francis Van Maele, who moved from Luxemburg to Ireland, known in mail art as PHI or FAN MAIL.

He was one of the few editors of literary books and artist books in Luxemburg and we met during a book fair in Brussels a few years ago. Francis limits himself now to mail art and artist book productions, mainly collaborations with graphical artists.

Stencil is the catalogue of a mail art project he spread around in 2004 and 2005 around stencil art creations.

Size: 15 X 21 cm

Pages: 16


Stencils by Fan Mail (Ireland), Wagner (Luxemburg), Frips (Belgium) & Friedrich Winnes (Germany)

New project is NIGHT: what does the night mean to you?

Send Postcard size contributions in any medium before April 30, 2006 to: FAN MAIL, Cashel, Foxford, County Mayo, IRELAND.

Color doc to all participants.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bildstorung No. 9, editor, Roman Castenholz

Brandstifter from Bildstorung No. 9

Brandstifter from Bildstorung No. 9

Brandstifter from Bildstorung No. 9

Brandstifter from Bildstorung No. 9

Sunday, September 18, 2005


When I went last Friday to a debate on prostitution organized by the French Green Party in Brussels I reminded myself to make an entry on Laurent who was one of the speakers that evening.

I met d'Ursel a few years ago during an art rally and we became friends quickly. He's a writer and a complete artist. I might label him as contemporary DADA artist but I don't think he would like the label because he dislikes labels.

Together with his friend François De Coninck we did a communication art project. We appropriated a public wall and glued on that wall art posters that were the result of communication between the 3 of us. Like mail art but Laurent cannot become an active player because he cannot conceive communication with people he does not know.

Aiaiaiai Laurent! But in the meantime we have fun!

This book published by "La cinquième couche" is only one example of his artistic mind. He makes collages of book titles in fact, by using the spines of pocket books and screwing those together. He did several LIFE perfomances of the making of these art works in bookshops in Brussels and Paris.

Size: 14 X 18,5 cm

Pages: 80


Death does not forget anybody

He who survives

Dances with the devil


There is no paradise

But there is the sea

Me, I don't like the sea

We can't choose our own hell

Next projects of Laurent: a book on prostitution (different letters of a guy who never went to prostitutes, extremely funny, he read one of these texts Friday night); a photo shoot in front of a Brussels' prison because an artist friend who took some pictures recently was arrested and questioned by the Brussels' police; a demonstration in the Brussels' streets uniting a maximum of artists under the banner: "there are too many artists!" Oh boy, the red mayor is going to laugh green... By the way neither Laurent nor myself are members of the G.P. (GV)