This is a blog on artist books, artist notebooks, magazines, poetry editions and other small print publications. Like FRIOUR is the Icelandic word for peace, BOKLIST are the Icelandic words for book (bok) and art (list). This is also a group blog in which those who are invited can upload their own books and/or comments.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dear Friends:

I am so happy! Guido has invited me to join you in making a collaborative blog. You will have to teach me a good deal as I am ignorant. I need to learn as Jim Leftwich and Jukka Kervinen have --a great surprise and honor--and so generous of them--begun a blog for my works and myself.So far there you will find many pieces collages paintings rubBEings and in the first archive the complete visual/sound score published by Traverse--ZERO POEM. You may find the recording of this on line--it is on the Fluxuations CD from Xexoxial Editions.There are also some photos.Soon it will become interactive and I will here and there contribute some writings to it. I do not have a scanner right now which limits my participation, yet until I get one, may you help me with ways to contribute w/o scanner? I will deeply appreciate this!onwo/ards always! david-bc


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